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Things that you hear will never change what you believe. It takes experiences to change beliefs.

For example, if everyone says that money is not the most important thing in life, but in the personal experience of someone all the problems were solved by money, this person might even repeat that money is unimportant but he will act as if money was important.

It is very common to see heated (and never ending) discussions that occur simply because two persons have conflicting beliefs. If they cannot talk about the beliefs themselves (an usually one can’t) they will argue forever.

It is not to say that words are useless. Words are extremely powerful for other things. But not to change beliefs.

It is easy to see this. Everyone lives situations like that all the time. Nevertheless, we continue to try to talk people out of their convictions, we try to persuade them into acting according to things we believe in. But it is a complete waste of energy.

At least i believe so.


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