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The parents of the epistemologist philosophers up to Nietzsche must have been all mean obscurantists. I don’t dare to fancy other reasons for excluding subjective reality. Yes, the fear of being fooled by one’s own parents seems the sole motivation that could create that much intensity into holding on to a wonderland, a blessed realm of Truth beyond the world, a strong unchangeable rock into a sea of uncertainty — a concept that under scrutiny show it’s true nature: pure fantasy.

Simply put: all the worlds that should be True™ are also points-of-view.

Take “Physical-Mechanical Reality”, or Chemistry, or the Platonic “World of Ideas”, or the Mind for Cartesius, or any other one, take a closer look and you will find a fantasy. Even Nietzsche’s “Will to Power” has a suspicious smell — but we will cut him a slack for the wise advice regarding Sancta Simplicitas.

[from an old notebook… around 2002]


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