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In all the talk about consumerism the anti-consumerists are trigger-happy in citing many examples of people corrupted by the market. Ironically, they are always forgetting the counter-examples. The small company that made a software (or even hardware) no one ever believed in and was a big hit. The designer that just stopped worrying and made things the way he wanted and despite some years of hardship soon became internationally famous. The research group that choose to focus on “slow tech”. The conferencist who organizes a conference about alternative and sustainable futures and still manages to be a selling author. Actually my examples are not so good — this is not a extensive list, not even a consistent research effort. Those are the links i have come across by pure coincidence and liked personally. There are certainly many more.

Now many of the anti-consumerists will rapidly argue that those are exceptions, that one or two companies can’t prove that their theory is wrong, that…

But if you can choose which examples to consider, you can prove almost anything!

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