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It is very startling to me how much everyone around is so convinced that we know, that there are things that we simply and completely know beyond any doubt. What we know, in other words, are the scientific facts.

There are some odd angles on this stance. Let’s take an example.

Let’s say substance G is considered by science to be carcinogenic. That does not mean that if you eat it you will have cancer. It means that many people that have eaten it into some controlled circumstance did indeed develop it.

There is no such things as THE cancer, or THE cause of cancer, or for that matter, no such thing as CAUSE or FACT. But most people do act on scientific fact as if it where a inevitable fate.

The problem is: this means that people are taking science as dogma.

At first sight this also means that people are betraying the spirit of science. Science is (supposed to be) the fight against dogma. Against superstition. Against all mythology. Against the (false) “magical knowledge”.

But actually, science has never been a struggle against mythology. It is a struggle inside mythology. It is the fight of one kind of mythology against others.

Every mythology is also a vocabulary. Greek mythology was not only a pantheon, it was an array of ideas. Not only “Kronos, god of time”, but also «TIME», not only “Demeter, goddess of fertility”, but also «FERTILITY».

That is to say: every vocabulary is also a mythology.

So, our current use of science as dogma is not a failure of science, just the opposite. Science did not kill the gods, it just did an upgrade.

Killing gods is Nietzsche’s thing. He didn’t bother about scientificity.


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