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This does not deserve my usual long elaborate explanations: people don’t do what they say. But it never ceases to amaze me how much so.

There should be a word-tension for this. People should be instructed from childhood to recognize a simple accusation for this phenomenon. Obviously, there are ways to say this, but none are as straightforward as it should be.

My favorite has to be “vote with your feet” — or some other form of it, as “put your money where your words are”. But they are neither generic enough nor clear enough.

Nah, whatever, i’ll make my own word. /TO INCONSE/.: n.t.v., to inaccurately express one’s own behavior in other forms of expression, as for example saying something and doing the opposite. (Note it is not hypocrisy, but an inability to express oneself. For example, one can lie inconsily).

Anyway, i believe that we should spank people whenever they inconse. Just like we do when a kid piss outside the loo or breaks something.



    • Rafael Arrivabene
    • Posted 2007, 208/365, Saturday at ~12
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    May I punch you?

  1. Hey Marcio! We met the last days at Norberto Chavez´s conference. I was the one who was drawing, remember? I just wanted to say that i´ve been reading your blog and it´s sooo cool!! i mean it! I love it. You are so good man!
    I think pretty much like you. But i´m not as good as you writting in english. Hope we still in contact, and may be we could share some information or thoughts about all this.
    Have a nice week. Regards. CYuggadiUri

  2. Rafael: you most definitely may punch me. But you should be prepared to handle the consequences. Like, for instance, that i will certainly bore you dumb asking every possible detail of how exactly my actions and my words are in conflict. I might likewise want to use the spank-on-inconging rule on you too, but i guess this will be less painful. ;-)

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