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Although we are all too much inside the joke to realize, there is no inner life.

The amazing thing is, people usually think that their feelings and stuff are more real than the floor or the things and what happens to them. It is like they have a more direct contact with the things that happen within themselves than those that happen outside.

The joke is, nothing happens inside them. Actually, a lot happens, like glands spitting those nasty hormone-fluids, bowels dissolving the garbage we eat, nerves passing and counter passing electrical pulses, all things that most people do not like to think about and, definitely do not think that are very “directly” connected to what they “are”.

But, in the subjective sense, in the sense of what one feels and wishes and reckons, nothing happens.

Obviously, we do have feelings and stuff, well, at least i do, can’t really talk for you, but the question is that those things are as internal as raising a hand or jumping.

We are conditioned to believe in inner lives, and to live them, and to interact with them, and to pretend we have them, but it is all conditioning. It is something we are taught. After all, inner lives are useful in a social context, they make our societies work more smoothly.

And the funny thing is, this kind of teaching is exactly the same kind of conditioning that would make someone turn psychotic, have Multiple Personalities.

A personality is, after all, just a condensed form of psychosis. Pathological mental states can very much be produced, and in this case i believe that society is constantly producing a mild form of controlled madness in order to expand and enhance it’s own power.

That is not to say that in order to be “really free”™ one must shed it’s own impression of inner life, that one’s impression of self is a problem, an obstacle or an enemy — something to be fought or blocked.

But it is not something to be taken too seriously either.


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