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It is very, very common to hear people say that the sons of the coup d’etat in Brazil are not politically conscious, that they are disengaged from the society around them, that they are not worried about the important issues of the day. That they are alienated. And they, here, is me — this generation would be, like, everyone born after 1970, or something like it.

But i find this criticism completely besides the point. We for sure do not fight the political battles as our fathers did, i’ll grant that. But just because we don’t shout the same slogans do not mean that we are disconnected from the body of the society.

I do see a strong, deep, instinctive rejection of ready-made answers. Of simplistic assumptions. A disbelief that this party or that ideology will bring about goodness and peace. An implicit conviction that the chances that any given politician is saying the truth are very, very dim — even the few ones who do believe they do so, and those are taken for even more dangerous.

I am not saying that my generation is made of skeptics. That would be a very, very big compliment, and i am not that self-righteous. I know that my generation is not the solution for all the world’s problems. The point i am trying to sell is that we, at least, are not sure of having all the answers. We’re dumb, we’re self-righteous, we’re lazy, we’re shallow. That does not make us too different from anybody else. We’re the emo-hair generation, we are a light-lemon generation, we’ve accepted the spectacle-society for whatever it’s worth, and while knowing it is full of problems we will not loose the chance to watch the premiere of Matrix Reloaded.

But, at least, we are not holding on too tight to our illusions.

Maybe it’s an effect of having listened to too much Guns’n’Roses, maybe is the fact that illusions turned out to be such good business and we do buy them in our favorite flavors in the nearest grocery store, or maybe it is just because we had the chance to see that the slogans of the Military Regimen were not so different from the ones held by the leftists.

Either way, i don’t think that the generation in Brazil who had it’s childhood in the last days of the Military are unpolitical, or apolitical. I think they/ we are just disillusioned with politics. And that is a good thing.


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