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So, it has come. The end. Or something like it.

The weather is bad, very bad. It’s not really the magnitude of things, it’s the consistency. Frozen oranges in Florida, tempests in Europe, Minas Gerais is flooded. Nothing very bad, but many small things. I believe I see a pattern there. But it might be just me. It probably IS just me, as for certain the press this days is constantly suffering from lack of subjects, and even then avoiding alarmist reports. But I definitely think we’re begun.

Nevertheless, it’s a non-issue. It does not constitute a good enough “enemy” to unite mankind, it does not pose sufficient threat to cut population significantly (even if we estimate some 4 or 5 Katrinas happening simultaneously), in the economic scale it will be just another crisis to maintain the stability of instability. In short, i’s as serious as it gets, but wakening worldwide cooperation is no kids play.

Just to be clear, I still do not buy the simplistic assumption that the climate change is the pay for humanity’s sins against nature. I do still think that weather is too complex to be understandable now.

Also, I would like to point that, ceteris paribus, a system with MORE energy will tend to be more dynamic. Which means that the increase in solar energy absorption by the planet at first sight should not send mankind straight to famine and poverty, but to sudden and disorderly enhancements of available resources, and that should obviously lead to war and havoc, granted. Also, world social dynamics are as complex as climate, and probably cannot be reliably predicted now as well, I just wanted to point that it’s way too simplistic to assume it is a simple punishment from nature, in the sense that it will generate a repented attitude from the leaders of the nations and from the populations.


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