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I just deleted a tag I used to have called politics. It’s not that I don’t want to write about politics anymore. But in my “tag surfer” (which is a feature of wordpress that lists posts that have tags in common with you) all of the posts were linked to me only in the politics tag. Which would be OK, really, only if they were not all taking a very, very, narrow view, a partisan view, or “commenting on the dust”, expressing they self-righteous indignation about that or the other political screw-up or repeating some of the political marketing bull. That was not what I had in mind at all. So, I decided to take my work back underground, so to say, and delete the “politics” tag and go with something less… pop. I couldn’t think of a good word, so I created one! Agoratics, as from business of the Agora, or the Greek high-city, the marketplace, the place were the whole of society was discussed. So to say. Anyway, I feel the term refers too much to macro-politics, and therefore I am left in need of yet another word, which will probably be something as demotics or something…


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