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It is said that Brazil was Keynesian before Keynes, it seems our vanguardism is still going: I propose we’ve been Trumpist before Trump.

There were certainly a series of predecessors to Trump, which either means the world had been slowly preparing itself or the USA are not really a starter of things anymore (which actually is close to what Trump says). That blonde bozo in the UKIP looks like Trump’s clone. Under a certain light, even the Arab Spring could be seen as dissatisfaction with politics as usual. And later, when an Arab Spring lookalike happened in 2013, Dilma was completely flabergasted. But still she was a politician pretending to not do politics, and therefore it might be instructive to study her fate, if you want to guess how bad the world will go for the next few years — and if you want to understand what is post-truth!

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Una de las razones que tenia ganas de irme a India era que “La India no es para principiantes” y me creia este viajante muy experiente que no se iba a impactar con nada, y bien. Ahí había un hogar llamada El Templo de la Rata. Tengo que decir más algo?

No quiero decir que la India sea asquerosa, el tema de la asquerosidad es mio no de la India, o sea, igual no es muy limpia, pero lo que quiero decir es que la India te vá a mostrar cosas.

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Me espanta um pouco quanta certeza todo mundo tem quando fala de política, deixem-me então turvar a clareza dessa água. Quero apenas plantar uma semente de dúvida. Eis:

É possível que a corrupção no Brasil esteja em queda, apesar de que as notícias sobre corrupção no Brasil estejam em alta.
Pode parecer que eu viajei, mas deixe-me apresentar o raciocínio.

In one sense, Plato’s Cave Alegory is the perfect criticism of Platonism.

There might be an element of extemporaneous simplification there, but Platonism basically is saying that the idea of a triangle is more real than a triangle made of wood. This is taking flat, featureless and unreachable things in preference to actual things. Plato’s prisoners prefer the shadows than the objects that cast them. That puts Plato as the prisoner, not the free man.

Then again, flat and featureless things are easier to parse, so you could expect the cognitive system to prefer attaching to those and thus feel Platonism as more expedient. Maybe that’s why MineCraft is such huge success. Low-res pixelated images as “more Platonic”.