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Nita Little and me

Nita Little and me

Trying to paint dances, not by their images, but their sensations. / Tentando pintar danças, não pela imagem mas pela sensação. Read More »

That individuality in complex societies is not anti-group, but actually simultaneous coexistence of diverse groups, and that the diminishing diversity of groups leaves previously “individualistic individuals” in a dangerous position.

There is a narrative in wich the difference between East and West is that the later is individualistic and the former is collectivist. Curiously, the whole individualism thing does not explain much except in the West, in the sense that no one really thinks of the group to be collectivist, it is not really an issue, it’s just how things are, and this commonsense way of doing things gives weight to the social because the group is more long-lasting.

One hypothesis: That Individualism is not really opposed to Collectivism but in addition to, what Derrida would call suplementar. Furthermore, that it is a consequence of the complexification of society. Read More »

Trump, Brexit and, in Brazil, Temer, make it pretty clear that the world is fscked.

But what is fscked is not Trump, Brexit, or Temer. Those are consequences, not causes. What is really fscked up is that, the way things are now, these things make a whole lot of sense. Read More »

O mundo está bizarro, com Trump, Brexit, Temer.

Mas o bizarro não é Trump, Brexit, ou Temer. O bizarro é que essas coisas fazem sentido no mundo como ele está. Read More »