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So i was at this hostel and some guy asked me whether he should visit Brasília but, as i was about to answer, that insufferable chick kept sneering, anyway the thing got totally derailed, but it got me to realize i gave this rant so many times it should see online publishing.

So keep the following in mind: You’ve never gone to Brasília, you saw pictures maybe, you have no idea about it’s importance as for history of architecture. Should you go there?

You sure can see big concrete buildings at many other places. And there are way too many cool trips to be had in Brazil. But.

But Brasília is a city like no other. As such, it can be both a very revealing experience and a very difficult one to understand.

Maybe the best answer is: Go if you have the right guide. Read More »

When you go to Three Gorges Dam, or to the Uyuni Flats, or to the Alps, or to any place that is simply awesome beyond arguments, you trick your own awareness into a sort of unordinary mode, where your eyes are just more open, your noses smell more, you are just slurpying all of the ambient as much as you can. But the fact remains that if you were to live there, you would take it all for granted. The locals find it boring, you see in their eyes, and they also find you a little funny between the ears for being so flabergasted. The real true deep contact with amazing, then, is to actually be bored by it. Or more to the point, it is maintaining that total openness to experience when faced with a totally boring surrounding.

The best trip is not the one to the most astounding place, but instead to a place equally as hard to find, the place that is utterly ordinary, where not even a leaf of grass has any curious or shiny or loud or amazing property. There your senses are clear not only from familiarity, but also from unfamiliarity.

Problem is, while this place is as hard to find as the astounding, it is infinitely harder to recognize once you reach it — thus, i’m sorry to say, most of the very few fortunate enough to reach it have completely missed it too.

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Curitiba, very early in the morning, we have a deep deep fog, and yesterday i dreamt of my father.

Curiously, whenever i talk to people and i manage to skip the boring stuff about “who i am” and “what do i do for a living” and start telling them some stuff about things that i do, or things that i think, or projects that i have, curiously they almost never ask about what this dream with my father meant.

They almost without exception ask where do i get the money to do all that i do. Read More »

Some of them want to be abused, and i do not feel like abusing no one. Maybe that’s why i feel better travelling, as i am supposed to be in a fragile position, then people do not expect me to be abusive, to distribute my violence around, and this makes it more natural to me to just be relational instead of hierarchical. It is not that i don’t want to be the boss, i recognize how selfish and simplistic this is, it is just that i instinctively value exchanging more than taking. It is an heuristic, it is not a final truth, i want to point — but that is just how i roll, mothafuqua.

Anyways, travel news: found the Island, lost myself, finally learned to appreciate Chilean female beauty (and now all of them seem gorgeous), two Alexandras, lots and lots of coincidences still, some time to think but maybe not enough.


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